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Your Guide on How To Kill Roaches with Roach Spray...

Consider using a Bait Gel with your Roach Spray:

Including Roach Bait Gel with a residual spray is a great way to control roaches. The key is not to mix the roach spray with the roach gel. That is because most sprays will overpower the aroma of the bait if applied in the same area. One common rule of thumb is to use roach bait in high places, like the tops of doorways or inside the corners of kitchen cabinets. Roach spray would then be applied low, like around the baseboards.

Are Your Roaches on Birth Control?

Sometimes a roach infestation will become used to a particular chemical, and it wont impact them the same way as when it was first introduced to them, and they can become almost immune to the product or avoid its smell. Changing your favorite roach spray that is no longer doing the job should be considered. Roach sprays with a chemical that makes them sterile is always good too. If roaches can no longer reproduce it will make control much easier. One of the best "birth control" for roaches product is Gentrol Concentrate IGR Insect Growth Regulator-1 oz, a concentrated product you can mix with water and/or many popular professional roach spray solutions, also available in the larger pint size.


First of all, Roach Spray is any chemical solution used to kill roaches. However, there are many different chemical formulations and types of roach sprays available. Using the correct type of spray is important.

  • Some are quick kill/knockdown sprays that do nothing more than kill exposed roaches that come into immediate contact with the spray. They do nothing to kill the main infestation of roaches which usually exist within wall voids and other hidden areas, but they can definitely help to quickly reduce the number you see and make it easier to get rid of the rest without them crawling all over you. I have been in homes where you open a cabinet and they literally pour out like rain. The odor of these sprays are usually very bad and bad for your respiratory system, so you should wear a respirator or at least a face mask or cloth over your nose and mouth. Most of these sprays will drive the roaches nuts and you will see them running everywhere. Many of them will move away from the area at least for a little while to avoid the quick death by roach spray.

  • Residual sprays are what you want for effective long lasting control. Those roaches who survived your knockdown spray will come back to their old stomping grounds.
    They like to confine themselves to dark, tight spaces like inside cracks and crevices. It is important to use a residual roach spray in these areas for effective control. You could use a flushing agent such as compressed air or knockdown sprays to drive them out, but if you do, you may want to wait a while before you apply a new chemical. Some roach sprays simply do not mix well with eachother or could be deadly to more than just the roaches. It is important when using any pesticide that you follow the manufacturers pesticide label instructions. Residual roach sprays will be either oil or water based. The oil sprays usually have longer residual properties but can sometimes cause a milky discoloration on darker baseboards or objects. Most are non staining. Quick knockdown sprays are usually in an aerosol can and are used best when an infestation is so severe that there are a large number of exposed roaches. Roach "bomb" sprays allow you to set them off and leave the area for a while - but they only kill exposed roaches, and are NOT residual pesticides. Also these types of products usually come with a heavy odor and they can repel or move a large amount of the roach population. If you live in an apartment, townhome or other attached or semi-attached home, using these sprays will definitely piss off your neighbors. It can even cause your infestation to become your neighbors infestation too. Getting into a bomb war will just move the infestations back and forth and not eliminate the problem.

You Don't Have To Be Filthy To Get Roaches!

Yes, if you leave trash, food, spilled drinks, soiled diapers, cat feces and puppy turds all over your house, you are definitely a prime candidate for not only a roach infestation, but a number of other unwanted visitors, including rats, mice and maybe even the local health depeartment.

On the other side of the coin, if you keep an immaculate home you can still wind up seeing these critters crawling around your house, and not paying you any rent. Roaches and their eggs can find their way into your home in many ways. They can walk right in from your neighbors or hitch-hike inside a bag of groceries. Roaches love the starch of paper bags, newspapers and cardboard boxes. Used furniture and other items can also have eggs and living roaches in them. Using a quick knockdown roach spray on used items outside (in low wind) before bringing them into your house is not a bad idea. But even after being super careful, once they find their way in, they breed and they can multiply from a small few to millions in a short period of time.

The one thing you never want to do is assume you have only seen one or a few and think you are in the clear. Keeping your house clean however is still a good idea. Regular vacuuming helps get rid of eggs in your carpet. You want to deprive the unwelcomed guests any abundance of free food and drink. If you have a leaky sink or keep dishes overnight with water in them, you are helping them to thrive.

Common Household Brand Roach Sprays:

Bengal Raid

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